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A Community For Sock Yankers

let the rivalry begin.

A Red Sox/ Yankees Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for both Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees fans. Finally, we have somewhere to come together where neither of us has the home field advantage.

This community is for fans with class and dignity.

The word SUCKS will not be allowed no matter which team it refers to. So don't write stupid posts saying YANKEES/SOX SUCK! I'll delete it. If you are a repeat offender of this you'll be thrown out.

No racial slurs, insults or derrogatory comments with be accepted. That's not cool.

Don't make fun of anyone in the community, even if they can't figure out something that seems SO obvious to you. Also, that's not cool.

More rules and information will come but for now I just want to get this community up and running.

Oh and one more thing! If you would identify yourself as a yankee or a sox fan somewhere in your post, be it in the subject or anywhere else. It'd be appreciated.
Play Ball!